Trump says a Biden win will crash stock market. Let’s hope so

Trump says a Biden win will crash stock market. Let’s hope so

[Ed. – Said like a true socialist. Let’s kill the stock market and bleed dry all the millionaires, except for Biden and other career members of Congress, divvy up the money and see how great life is. Till the next rent bill or mortgage payment comes due.]

‘In my neighborhood in Scranton, not a whole hell of a lot of people owned stock,’ Biden noted at last week’s CNN town hall.

Donald Trump has been falling back on a standby talking point that is more revealing that he probably knows. At last week’s ABC town hall, and repeatedly for months, he has said that a Joe Biden victory in November will cause the stock market to crash. Ordinarily, this is attached to a reference to Biden’s plan to tax the wealthy, though not always.

For someone with pretensions to being the guardian of the forgotten man and woman, appealing to them on the basis of the stock portfolios they don’t own seems misguided. The top 1 percent have half the stocks, and the top 10 percent have 84 percent of all stocks, and that percentage is rising.

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