The latest mass shooting you probably didn’t hear about

The latest mass shooting you probably didn’t hear about
Image: YouTube screen grab via Gays & Guns

[Ed. – Don’t expect protesting, peaceful or otherwise.]

The two people who died were identified as Jaquayla Young and Jarvis Alexander. They were both high school graduates of the class of 2019 so they were still very young. The other victims mostly ranged in age from their mid-teens to late twenties.

According to interviews with some witnesses, this wasn’t some sort of ambush by outsiders attacking the party. And argument allegedly broke out, with sides quickly being taken. Multiple people produced weapons and began firing. In case you’re wondering what sort of party attracts a large number of teenagers and young adults who just happen to show up at a back-yard party packing handguns, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

This was another incident of gang violence taking place when a party grows too large and disparate groups of people begin showing up.

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