Congress, beware the tyranny of temporary majorities

Congress, beware the tyranny of temporary majorities
Harry Reid (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – The Democrats should change their name to ‘The Party that Never Weighs Consequences Before Acting.’]

Following Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, it is almost comical to hear those who have labored mightily to blow up the system now demanding regular order.

This charade starts with the late justice herself, who violated longstanding traditions … on her death bed when she wished away the Constitution’s separation of powers by pressuring the president to renounce his authority to nominate her replacement. …

Democrats echoing her stand claim it would be hypocritical for Trump to nominate someone and for Senate leader Mitch McConnell to swiftly hold hearings given the GOP’s refusal to hold hearings for Merrick Garland. …

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Back then McConnell invoked what is known as the so-called Biden rule … which held that a Supreme Court nominee should not be considered during an election year when the Senate is held by one party and the White House by another.

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