Biden’s yes-no-yes stance on mandatory face masks

Biden’s yes-no-yes stance on mandatory face masks
When hopes Biden remembered to wash his hands after touching the exposed part of his mask, which is one of the ways the virus is spread. (Image: AIR TV screen grab)

[Ed. – Making up your mind is so hard when you’re trying to kiss so many different rumps.]

Joe Biden stands before a black backdrop in a dark room without any color, except for the American flag over his right shoulder, as the camera zooms in and then up as the broad-shouldered former vice president puts on a face mask and peers down at the audience with a look of stern resolve.

It is a seven-second silent film with an unmistakable hero narrative and a not-so-subtle appeal to patriotism. The accompanying caption: “Do your part. Wear a mask.”

The Centers for Disease Control has recommended as much since April. But in the months since, the cloth coverings that muffle voices and fog glasses … have become a part of pandemic politics. With flu season upon us and the election around the corner, the question arises: would a President Biden be content to try and persuade the nation to follow his lead with public safety announcements? …

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