The election from our past that blares a warning for 2020

The election from our past that blares a warning for 2020
Samuel Tilden, Rutherford B. Hayes (Images: Wikipedia)

[Ed. – Hmm. In order for this hyper-partisan drivel to begin to make sense, you have to pretend that the violence over the past three months has come from the Right (aka, ‘white supremacists’], and that the Left isn’t planning a coup in the event Donald Trump wins reelection.]

… [T]here have on occasion been lingering doubts long after Election Day about who the winner actually was. Most recently, the 2000 election wasn’t resolved until mid-December. …

But there is a more frightening example of a contested election: 1876. This deadlock came remarkably close to plunging the United States into another civil war, barely more than a decade after the close of the first one. It suggests that today we need not only fear potential violence but should also worry about what policies and principles even well-meaning political leaders might be willing to compromise on to avert it.

… President Andrew Johnson, the Tennessee enslaver whom the late Abraham Lincoln had adopted as his 1864 running mate precisely to reward his wartime loyalty to the Union, now sided openly with those who had fought to destroy it and with the white supremacist principles they continued unapologetically to espouse.

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