Chiefs fans boo players’ ‘show of unity’

Chiefs fans boo players’ ‘show of unity’
Players locking arms in show of unity (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Yes, fans are ready for some football but they’re not ready to see their sport turned into a political circus by self-perceived ‘victims’ who earn $7.7 million annually on average.]

Kansas City Chiefs fans booed the reigning Super Bowl champions and the Houston Texans as the two teams lined up for a “moment of unity” ahead of Thursday’s NFL season-opener at Arrowhead Stadium.

Scattered booing could be clearly heard coming from sections of the reduced-capacity 17,000 crowd allowed into the game as players from both the Chiefs and Texans linked arms for the pre-game gesture near halfway.

Before the ritual, both teams had taken contrasting approaches to the playing of the US national anthem and a rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” a song regarded as the black national anthem.

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Texans players remained in their locker room for both anthems while the Chiefs players stood on the field.

One Chiefs player, defensive end Alex Okafor, dropped to one knee during the playing of the US national anthem.

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