There’s nothing shocking about Bob Woodward’s new book

There’s nothing shocking about Bob Woodward’s new book
Bob Woodward (Image: YouTube screen grab via NBC)

[Ed. – Not with a bang but a whimper.]

The fact Bob Woodward has written another book about the current occupant of the White House should be greeted with roughly the level of enthusiasm reserved for such annual or semi-annual non-events as the Biennial Conference of the American Hippotherapy Association or the Pro Bowl. I would be tempted to suggest that the latest affectless, indifferently written Woodward volume is a matter of at most seasonal interest, like the early September appearance of Halloween candy in supermarkets, except that unlike the former, Rage is unlikely to bring pleasure to any living American.

This is true with two exceptions. The first is the only class of persons likely to be aware of the book’s existence, namely Woodward’s fellow journalists and the rapidly aging subset of upper-middle-class white liberals who will purchase and perhaps even read parts of it.

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