If Trump loses, ‘deplorables’ will be the Democrats’ first target

If Trump loses, ‘deplorables’ will be the Democrats’ first target
Image: WZDX screen grab

[Ed. – The handwriting has been on the wall for months now.]

If President Trump loses his reelection bid in November, as appears likely, the greatest victims of his presidency will have been his own constituency. …

And when the new Democratic regime takes over, those people will become its target of choice.

We know who they are: largely white, more male than female, generally older than 45, largely blue collar, educated through high school but not much beyond, agitated particularly by U.S. immigration policies of the past few decades, with widespread feelings that their financial standing in the country has been increasingly constricted. They are nationalist in outlook, not globalist, with strong feelings of traditional patriotism of the kind that guided their parents and grandparents. They believe the nation’s elites—those with the power and money, who dominate the political discourse and set the national agenda—look down on them with contempt. …

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