1,000 people voted twice in Georgia primary

1,000 people voted twice in Georgia primary
Image: LU staff

[Ed. – Shades of things to come in the general election.]

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Tuesday that about 1,000 Georgians face investigation for voting twice in the state’s June 9 primary, a large-scale allegation of fraud eight weeks before Election Day.

These voters returned absentee ballots and then also showed up at polling places on election day, Raffensperger said. Double-voting is a felony in Georgia.

“A double-voter knows exactly what they’re doing, diluting the votes of each and every voter that follows the law,” Raffensperger said during a press conference at the state Capitol. “Those that make the choice to game the system are breaking the law. And as secretary of state, I will not tolerate it.”

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The investigation follows a chaotic primary where record numbers of voters cast absentee ballots during the coronavirus pandemic. Some voters who weren’t sure whether their absentee ballots would be received before election day decided to vote in person. …

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