FISA Court: FBI frequently fails to follow rules meant to protect Americans’ privacy

FISA Court: FBI frequently fails to follow rules meant to protect Americans’ privacy
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[Ed. – The findings here are specifically about the Section 702 queries we have discussed at length in connection with Spygate, among other abuses.  This disclosure is from a more recent finding than the 2017 ruling from the FISA Court on the same topic.  In other words, practices have not improved.  That said, NSA has made less information readily available through its database, a rough-and-ready measure that does pose a roadblock.  The non-warehoused information can still be obtained, but only by triggering an NSA query to the commercial service providers – which alerts NSA that a query is being made.]

The top United States federal court that oversees national security surveillance has found that the FBI regularly does not follow rules meant to protect the privacy of the American people. …

Outlined in a heavily redacted, 83-page document, the ruling was part of the regular certification process for the use of surveillance techniques enabled by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).


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The violations the court uncovered concerned improper searches for information on Americans that the FBI made on the database composed of intelligence collected via 702 surveillance. …

[Judge] Boasberg pointed out that in August 2019, the government used nonpublicly available information on 16,000 individuals gathered as part of the program.

During a further review, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division found that searches for only seven of those persons satisfied the statutory requirements, though the FBI maintained that the queries “were reasonably likely to return foreign intelligence information or evidence of a crime.”

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