Feds open emergency energy options to blackout-plagued California

Feds open emergency energy options to blackout-plagued California

[Ed. – It’s not clear that federal money will be paying for anything, but it appears regulations are being suspended to allow Third World solutions. Ships’ auxiliary engines, for crying out loud.  What are we, Albania?]

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced on Sunday that Sec. Dan Brouillette, in response to an urgent request from the state of California, issued a Section 202 (c) emergency order to help prevent California’s already-faltering power grid from being completely overwhelmed.  …

The DOE order authorizes the emergency use of stationary and portable generators, as well as auxiliary engines on board ocean-going vessels berthed in California ports. The order suspends any laws, regulations or permits limiting the use of these power-generating machines. The order is set to expire just before midnight on September 13. …

Usually, other western states, who haven’t pursued reckless green policies, are available to bail out California by sending the state some of their power. But with the high temperatures, neighboring states have less power on hand these days.

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