Reporters return to Obama-era kid-glove questioning for Biden

Reporters return to Obama-era kid-glove questioning for Biden
Joe Biden (Image: Yahoo News screen grab)

[Ed. – Previews of things to come if Biden wins the election.]

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared Friday for a rare press briefing.

Well, calling it a “press briefing” may be too generous. It was more like a meet-and-greet between a pop star and members of his or her official fan club.

… [T]he event was a disgrace. … Instead of holding the former senator, vice president, and would-be president of the United States to account, asking him difficult questions about his vague policy platform or even his outright flip-flops, establishment reporters instead treated the Democratic nominee as friend and family. Many did their best to comfort Biden. …

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The first question of the afternoon went to Atlantic staffer Isaac Dovere, who asked Biden to expound on the Democratic campaign’s reaction to a Sept. 3 Atlantic report alleging the president once referred to dead U.S. Marines as “losers” and “suckers.”

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