Man arrested for making 1,171 calls to 911 since mid-July

Man arrested for making 1,171 calls to 911 since mid-July
Huu Nguyen (Image: Police photo via The Smoking Gun)

[Ed. – We’ve reported on frivolous calls to 911, but this must be record-setting.]

A Tennessee man called 911 more than 1100 times over the past six weeks, a prolific misuse of the emergency dispatch system that included the suspect asking a police operator “if they wanted to buy egg rolls,” according to a criminal complaint.

Investigators allege that Huu Nguyen, a 54-year-old Memphis resident, began dialing 911 from his cell phone in mid-July. By the time of his arrest yesterday, Nguyen had logged 1171 calls to 911, though he “did not have an emergency.”

On Tuesday, Nguyen called 911 241 times. On Wednesday, Nguyen placed 32 calls to the emergency number, one of which involved food: “The suspect asked the 911 Dispatcher if they wanted to buy egg rolls and then disconnected the line.”

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Nguyen has several prior convictions for misusing the emergency dispatch system and has been branded a “habitual 911 abuser” by police.

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