Focus group: Wisconsin swing voters feel overlooked by Biden

Focus group: Wisconsin swing voters feel overlooked by Biden
Oklahoma protester

[Ed. – Dems may have overplayed their hand with the whole BLM silliness.]

Some voters in Wisconsin say they feel Joe Biden cares less about them and their concerns than about the people protesting systemic racism.

What they’re saying: “Anybody who believes there’s systemic racism is going to vote for Joe Biden, and he wants you to believe there’s systemic racism,” said Thomas B., who’s sticking with Trump.

  • Jessica B. said she’s worried about “all this pointless violence . . . spreading to my home.”
  • Dawn M echoed that concern and said: “It’s unfair that African Americans seem to be more targeted [by police], but that’s all you hear about. You don’t hear about what happened before, to proceed to the shooting.”
  • Participants reacted negatively when shown a clip of Biden running mate Kamala Harris emphasizing how COVID-19 disproportionately impacts communities of color in her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

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