New ‘absolutely shocking’ evidence presented in the George Floyd case

New ‘absolutely shocking’ evidence presented in the George Floyd case
George Floyd (L), Derek Chauvin (R). Via ABC 5 Minneapolis

[Ed. – This may get the murder charge reduced for Chauvin. But it won’t change the mood of BLM supporters for whom the phrase ‘knee on the neck’ has become emblematic for police brutality. It may give some direction for cooler heads calling for genuine police reform who can point to this as one technique for restraint that needs to be scrapped or revised.]

Attorneys for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin are requesting the dismissal of murder and manslaughter charges against him for the death of George Floyd. They’re using the police training manual as justification.

According to the Minneapolis Police Department training manual, officers are shown how to subdue violent or resisting suspects by placing their knee on the neck.

“From coast-to-coast everyone, absolutely outraged, especially by that fact, the knee on the neck. Well, guess what folks, take a look at what you’re looking at right here. That is from the police training manual,” attorney and host Vinnie Politan said. “Where this all comes from is from a motion to dismiss. A motion to dismiss that was filed by Derek Chauvin’s attorneys saying that the knee on the neck is part of his training as a Minneapolis police officer. …

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