BLM could cost Biden the presidency

BLM could cost Biden the presidency
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[Ed. – This could be another major ‘fidelity’ problem for Biden.]

In the initial aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement won widespread support across the US. But, as the more extreme elements and demands of BLM have come to the fore, much of this popular support has started to ebb away.

This is proving especially problematic for the Democratic Party and Joe Biden, its presidential nominee. Having thrown their support behind BLM in the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s killing, in the hope that doing so would motivate their base ahead of this November’s presidential election, they now find themselves burdened by a laudably named movement increasingly defined by its extreme policy positions – positions that are proving unpopular among the broader electorate.

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BLM is increasingly associated in the minds of many Americans with scenes of looting and violence, which are being seen across US cities.

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