What we’ve got at Univ. of Alabama is a ‘casedemic’: All test-positive ‘cases,’ no sick people

What we’ve got at Univ. of Alabama is a ‘casedemic’: All test-positive ‘cases,’ no sick people
Alabama kicks off to Clemson in the 2017-2018 Sugar Bowl CFP Semifinal. YouTube video

[Ed. – This is increasingly becoming the story, and for good reason.  If you test for little enough of the fragmentary virus material, eventually everyone will test positive for it – and yet practically none of them will EVER be infectious or develop symptoms.  It’s not good public policy to test so that you’ll find the maximum number of non-infectious, asymptomatic people and count them as “virus cases.”]

What you likely did not notice buried under the headlines is that nobody is dying from these cases and very few would even know they had any pathogen if not for the obsession over testing college students and the super-sensitivity of those tests. Yet a virus that is largely less disruptive than seasonal illnesses for young adults is now being used as a pretext to turn colleges campuses into prisons for students.

As of last Friday, the University of Alabama system reported 1,368 positive cases across its three campuses. But here’s the kicker: There has not been a single hospitalization among them. Thus, all the cases have been sub-clinical. What they fail to report is how many of the illnesses even rise to the level of the flu and how many are downright asymptomatic. A “casedemic” is an epidemic that can only be identified by mass testing, because cases are so mild that people don’t know they have a virus. It carries no surge in hospitalization or rampant illness.

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