California awards ‘voter outreach’ contract to firm run by top Biden official

California awards ‘voter outreach’ contract to firm run by top Biden official
California Governor Gavin Newsom. Axios on HBO video clip, YouTube

[Ed. – Well, that’s not politically biased or anything.  These “voter outreach” programs are the kind that send out mailers to steer voters to certain methods of researching their voting options (e.g., voting by mail) and even certain vehicles for requesting ballots by mail.  We’ve seen them at work in Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia in the last couple of elections, soliciting ballot requests from dead people and household pets.  Having a Biden official’s firm get the contract is the cherry on top.]

A consulting firm run by a top Biden campaign official is receiving $35 million from California for a voter outreach program linked to the state’s coronavirus response.

The state awarded Democratic public relations giant SKDKnickerbocker the lucrative deal as part of the state’s “Vote Safe California” program on Aug. 13. The program aims to “educate the public on the safety, security, and ease of voting in the November General Election amid the COVID-19 pandemic” and was launched following Democratic governor Gavin Newsom’s May decision to send every registered voter in the state a mail-in ballot. The $35 million comes in addition to the $2.1 million SKDK has collected from the Biden campaign since June 2019.

According to documents obtained by the Sacramento Bee, the contract asks SKDK to give “special attention” to “reaching first-time mail voters,” as well as those with language barriers.

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