Va. passes legislation that reduces sentences for assaulting police

Va. passes legislation that reduces sentences for assaulting police
Chief of Department of the NYPD Terence Monahan (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – If the Left continues is reckless war on police, they won’t have to worry about defunding or abolishing the men and women in blue. Many have already taken early retirement out of fear for their lives, and others are sure to follow.]

The Virginia Senate on Wednesday approved legislation that would eliminate a six-month mandatory minimum sentence for assaulting a police officer, despite strenuous objections from Republicans who said the bill disrespects police at a time when they have come under attack during nationwide protests.

Democrats, who hold a narrow majority in the Senate, said the legislation does not minimize the crime of assaulting a police officer, but instead makes a distinction between serious assaults and minor assaults.

The bill keeps the charge as a felony, but gives a judge or jury discretion to reduce it to a misdemeanor if there is no bodily injury or if someone’s culpability is slight because of diminished physical or mental capacity or a developmental disorder.

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If the charge is brought as a felony, it requires an investigation by a different police officer and must be approved by a Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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