Why Trump’s approval ratings on the economy remain durable

Why Trump’s approval ratings on the economy remain durable
Flags like this one were flown by boats that took part in the 'Trumptilla' on the president's birthday.

[Ed. – The answer is simple. It’s because Trump’s economy for the first three years was uncommonly robust, and the recovery even during the pandemic has been strong despite the Times writer’s throwing shade on it. It also because Joe Biden, who has never led anything, has made the usual claims about taxing only the rich, which never works.]

It is an enduring political question amid a pandemic recession, double-digit unemployment and a recovery that appears to be slowing: Why does President Trump continue to get higher marks on economic issues in polls than his predecessors Barack Obama, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush enjoyed when they stood for re-election?

Mr. Trump’s relative strength on the economy, and whether Joseph R. Biden Jr. can cut into it over the next 10 weeks, are among the crucial dynamics in battleground states in the Midwest and the Sun Belt that are expected to decide the election. Many of these states have struggled this summer with rising coronavirus infection and death rates as well as job losses and vanishing wages and savings — hard times that, history suggests, will pose a threat to an incumbent president seeking re-election.

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