Biden’s lack of a travel plan worries some Democrats

Biden’s lack of a travel plan worries some Democrats
Joe Biden and his ghost (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Joe Biden has been sidelined by dementia, which is the real motivation for keeping him in hid basement, which he has dubbed ‘the Wilmington White House.’]

When former President Obama delivered his convention speech from Philadelphia last week, it raised some questions for Democrats about Joe Biden’s lack of a travel schedule.

Biden has been effectively sidelined because of the coronavirus pandemic, keeping his public appearances largely confined to his hometown of Wilmington, Del., where he also ended up accepting his party’s nomination last week.

“I think a lot of people thought, ‘If Obama can get on a plane and travel, why can’t Biden?’ said one Democratic strategist, who pointed to the former president’s trip from Massachusetts to Philadelphia for his primetime address.

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“I know we all believe in science and building a contrast with Republicans on COVID, I get that. But no one I know is stuck at home. Folks are moving around. They’re traveling. Some schools are reopening.

“I don’t know how sustainable this is for Biden,” the strategist said.

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