New problem: Gen Snowflake triggered by routine punctuation

New problem: Gen Snowflake triggered by routine punctuation
Another Boomer ends a sentence with a period. YouTube video

[Ed. – The humble period – the “full stop,” the ball in ball-bat, the little dot after “Ed” at the beginning of this sprightly bracketed passage — apparently daunts America’s youth.]

Social media messages using periods, believe it or not, can intimidate teens and young adults, who interpret such punctuation as a sign of anger, the Daily Mail reported, citing linguists.

It seems the aforementioned age group — otherwise known as Generation Z — has grown up with smartphones they use to send short messages without periods, the outlet said.

According to a 2015 study from State University of New York, Binghamton, those who finish messages with periods are viewed as insincere, the Daily Mail said, adding that the debate resurfaced after writer Rhiannon Cosslett tweeted: “Older people — do you realize that ending a sentence with a full stop comes across as sort of abrupt and unfriendly to younger people in an email/chat? Genuinely curious.”

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