Comey on FBI response to Russia in 2016: Nobody ‘imagine[d] that the Russians might do this’

Comey on FBI response to Russia in 2016: Nobody ‘imagine[d] that the Russians might do this’
James Comey (Image: YouTube screen grab via CBS News)

[Ed. – Huh? The Russians have been doing this constantly since 1920.  In fact, the “Russian interference” Intel Community Assessment might not have mentioned a date, but it built its case around that very history as boilerplate.  Comey joined Brennan in going all-in on that assessment.  Washington Examiner cites a nice rebuttal from former CIA official Daniel Hoffman.]

Comey was questioned about the FBI’s flawed response to the DNC hack by Margaret Brennan on CBS News’s Face The Nation on Sunday. Brennan noted that the Senate report said the FBI should have done more to alert the DNC. The moderator also said, “This was a national security threat happening under the nose of the FBI.”

In response, Comey said, “Our folks thought that just telling an institution that the Russians are inside your house was enough” and that “what may have led to a lack of urgency … is that nobody anticipated this wasn’t normal intelligence-gathering by the Russians.” He called it a “miss” when asked if it was his mistake and claimed that “it didn’t occur to us that the Russians were doing something that they had never done before, which is to weaponize and actually fire stolen material at our democratic process.” Brennan asked how the FBI could “miss that this was an active measures campaign” by Russia. Comey claimed that “the simple answer is because it never happened before” and that “nobody” in the intelligence community “imagine[d] that the Russians might do this.”

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