China shows ability to counter U.S. with nationwide maritime exercise

China shows ability to counter U.S. with nationwide maritime exercise

[Ed. – The headline wording out there is a bit deceptive on this; it speaks of “four regions,” but it just means the seas adjacent to the Chinese coast.  There should be no doubt that China would make a robust, formidable defense of the maritime region adjacent to her coastline.  Fortunately, the U.S. has no motive to attack China there, and China would be wise to have no motive for the converse.  Farther afield, I wouldn’t bet against The Navy/Marine Corps Team (and, let’s give ’em their shout-out, the Air Force and the Coast Guard.  Very soon, the Space Force.  One sea, one will, one fight).]

China is conducting military drills almost simultaneously in four sea regions, a rare move possibly designed to signal its readiness to handle confrontation with the United States and self-ruled

Experts said the timing of the drills was intended to signal a capability to mobilise forces in multiple locations, even though Beijing was not aiming to fight a war against the US.

Maritime safety administrations in four locations issued notices between Friday and Sunday announcing drills, and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said exercises had been completed in another. The locations included two in the South China Sea, one in the East China Sea, one further north in the Yellow Sea, and one in the Bohai Gulf, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea.

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