Democrats ignore the men and women who elected Trump

Democrats ignore the men and women who elected Trump
The Trump rally in Topeka, Oct 2018. GOP video, YouTube

[Ed. – They can always try.]

Many Democrats are heading into the November election expecting a blue tsunami that takes us to the White House and flips control of the Senate. … But if Democrats want to win in November, they cannot ignore the forgotten men and women who elected Donald Trump in the first place.

While it is tempting, Democrats cannot rely on the polls that show a sweep. After all, Hillary Clinton was leading at this stage of the election four years ago. That was until Trump’s populist messages took him to a surprisingly large Electoral College victory. …

If Democrats want to avoid a repeat of 2016, we must speak to the issues that Middle America cares about, without sacrificing our values. …

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Unfortunately, Democratic leaders across the country are making it more difficult to earn the working-class vote by implementing policies that make life harder for them.

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