Bannon arrest a ‘salvo’ at Trump admin from ‘sovereign district’ (SDNY)

Bannon arrest a ‘salvo’ at Trump admin from ‘sovereign district’ (SDNY)
Steve Bannon (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – This is taking what ought to be a disgraceful inference of motive and trying to make it seem like an ethical crusade.  It was Barr who removed Berman from his U.S. Attorney post at SDNY, and it was pretty clear why he did it: Ghislaine Maxwell was about to be brought in, and the DOJ couldn’t afford to have her perish in jail on Berman’s apparently compromised watch, as Jeffrey Epstein did.  There was reason to be concerned about Berman handling either of those prosecutions, after the Epstein debacle.  One thing this article suggests: the Bannon indictment is probably going to flame out.  Framing it as a political signal would leave it with some juice, assuming it’s not a legitimate law-and-justice move.]

If the recent firing of the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan was intended to quell criminal investigations into President Donald Trump’s close associates, as some have accused, federal prosecutors in New York appear to have missed the memo.

Thursday’s arrest of Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, served as a stark reminder that no one who has been within the president’s inner circle is automatically immune from federal scrutiny.

Bannon, 66, and three others are charged with defrauding online donors in the name of helping build the president’s cherished southern border wall. Bannon pleaded not guilty at a hearing Thursday in Manhattan.

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