Lawsuit filed in federal court in New York against U.S. Postmaster General

Lawsuit filed in federal court in New York against U.S. Postmaster General
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[Ed. – The Democrats are pulling out all the stops on this one, in spite of the whole narrative being bogus.  The chief counsel for the plaintiffs is Cohen & Green PLLC, which earlier this year sued on behalf of Bernie Sanders’s convention delegates over the New York Board of Elections cancelling the presidential portion of the Democratic primary ballot.  (Andrew Yang also joined the lawsuit with his counsel.)  Cohen & Green and Ali Najmi, also counsel for the Postmaster lawsuit, represented the plaintiffs in the New York case in which the state was required to accept mail-in primary ballots without postmarks, contrary to state law.  In case it’s not clear, the Democrats are going to litigate this election up one side and down the other, every step of the way.]

The first in an expected flood of lawsuits against the U.S. Postal Service and the Trump administration was filed in federal court in Manhattan on Monday over funding concerns before Election Day. …

The lawsuit alleges that Trump and DeJoy “have set about to ensure USPS cannot reliably deliver election mail.” It seeks a court order to force adequate funding of the Postal Service prior to November’s election and policies that ensure “absentee and other mail ballots are treated equal to in-person ballots” and “sufficient staffing and overtime to handle a record level of mail voting.”

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