John Kasich, speaking from an empty field, annoys everyone in Dem convention slot

John Kasich, speaking from an empty field, annoys everyone in Dem convention slot
Henceforth, the only Kasich image we'll need. Speaking by remote video to the Democratic National Convention, from an undisclosed location in Ohio. PBS News Hour video

[Ed. – No, as a matter of fact, I’m not going to “compromise” or “meet halfway” (or “de-tribalize”) with people whose political goal is literally to destroy me.  Being half-destroyed, besides sounding like a total bummer, isn’t even a real option.  Funny that Kasich, who’s much older than I am, has yet to learn that.]

I don’t know what is going through Kasich’s mind—I don’t. Does he think that somehow, after a Biden win, the GOP will go back to the days of old? Those days are gone. … Yes, there are some annoying folks who yearn for past days. They can still hop on the Trump train. Well, everyone can still do that, except John Kasich who is speaking tonight at the Democratic National Convention to break tribalism or something (via NYT):

Four years ago, John R. Kasich considered it unthinkable to vote for Donald J. Trump for president, yet he could not bring himself to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton either — so he wrote in Senator John McCain of Arizona.

Not this time around. Mr. Kasich, a lifelong Republican who has spent decades in politics — as a state legislator, congressman, governor of Ohio and presidential aspirant — will become his party’s most prominent leader to cross the partisan divide and support former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., speaking at this week’s Democratic National Convention, and then voting for him this fall. …


[N]ot even Democrats want him there. The base of the party does not want him there, and there is an issue regarding how he’s getting speaking time, whereas Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was only afforded a 60-second pre-recorded message.

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