Now it’s ‘mystery masks’ being mailed to people from China

Now it’s ‘mystery masks’ being mailed to people from China

[Ed. – Having a really hard time buying the “brushing scheme” theory.  Why do you need to even bother sending something if that’s your play?  Just fake the whole thing online.  Save some money, and avoid publicity that puts people on their guard.]

First, it was mystery seeds. Now, face masks from China are showing up – unsolicited – in Tampa Bay area mailboxes. And they are not gifts.

Shan Sharp of Clearwater was stunned when she went to the mailbox recently and found a package she wasn’t expecting.

“I looked at the label and it had Shanghai, China from a certain district,” she said. “All of this information, including my cell phone number, (was) on there.”

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Sharp carefully opened the envelope and discovered two packages of facemasks and no note.

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