Now they want to cancel our pickup trucks

Now they want to cancel our pickup trucks

[Ed. – How long until they start calling for an end to the air we breathe, because it carries toxins?]

They seek to take our guns, tear down our monuments, destroy our suburbs, and have shut down our churches. Now, they’re coming for our pickup trucks.

And when I say “they,” I’m, of course, talking about “Railroad men, bounty hunters, Deke Thornton.”

The excuse? Some ninny at the Wall Street Journal almost got hit by a pickup. So, you know — now, they all have to go: The article begins, “A FEW MONTHS ago, on an ordinary day in an unremarkable Costco parking lot, I was nearly squashed by an unusually large pickup,” then continues:

As that chrome grille closed on me like a man-eating Norelco shaver, time slowed. It seemed I was watching myself from afar, being nimble for a man my age, darting from the path of a towering, limousine-black pickup with temporary plates, whose driver barely checked his pace. Jerk.

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