Hmm: American Bridge (Brock-founded mega-group) posts anti-Trump oppo ‘book’ online

Hmm: American Bridge (Brock-founded mega-group) posts anti-Trump oppo ‘book’ online
David Brock (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – The interesting thing is that it’s being posted “for free” in the hope that left-wing groups, including the Biden campaign, will use it.  American Bridge still seems to have its dark-money backing, but apparently not the inside track to the candidate and his circle.  The Hillary days are behind us.  Folks, Biden is a Trojan horse.  We ought to be very afraid of what’s trying to ride in on his candidacy.  The Brock progeny are well-known political operatives; what’s going on behind the Biden curtain can be guessed at, but isn’t showing its face at all.]

In the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid for the opposition research book on Donald Trump compiled by the liberal Super PAC American Bridge.

In 2020, American Bridge is putting it online for free.

The group on Friday published 1,043 pages of its research document on Trump on a new website that was used internally before. It wants the material in public view not so much for voters, but for other Democratic groups to use to campaign against the president.

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Founded by the controversial operative David Brock, American Bridge has access to some of the wealthiest benefactors in Democratic politics. It has raised over $43 million and spent over $33 million for this election so far, the most for any cycle since its founding, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

American Bridge hopes its site will be a resource for fellow liberal super PAC’s and campaigns, including Joe Biden’s.

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