D.C. contact tracing shows ‘infectious’ people going to restaurants, work

D.C. contact tracing shows ‘infectious’ people going to restaurants, work

[Ed. – It should certainly show them going to memorial services – if it were honest and comprehensive, as opposed to treating government employees as if their breath doesn’t heave out virus-laden droplets, just because their work is “essential.”]

Contact tracing has revealed that an “increasing number” of individuals have dined at D.C. restaurants while infectious with COVID-19 in recent weeks. In addition, tracing has shown that a number of individuals were infectious while recently being in the workplace, according to city officials.

At the Mayor’s press conference Wednesday, D.C. Health Director LaQuandra Nesbitt noted that 10% of positive individuals told contact tracers that they had traveled within two weeks of being diagnosed. These findings come just over a week after the Mayor’s office said anyone traveling to the District from any of 27 states deemed “high-risk,” must self-quarantine for 14 days. …

Many of these findings are in line with what Maryland also revealed last week. A large portion of people who gave Maryland contact tracers information about their activity had attended family gatherings and worked outside the home.

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