Antifa is the natural product of our educational system

Antifa is the natural product of our educational system

[Ed. – Teach your children well.]

Antifa … may have gotten its start in Germany, but it is flourishing here in the United States as never before.

This growth occurred even though truly achieving the movement’s stated goal — anarchy — would create chaos leading to civilizational destruction of a likely unparalleled extent in human history. …

The deepest causes of their violent and more than slightly deranged behavior are undoubtedly personal and psychoanalytic in nature. The story of the Seattle grandmother who identified her bomb-throwing grandson from video of a protective vest she bought him — he said he was “peaceful” — is a novel crying out to be written.

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But whatever the psychological profiles of the individual Antifa members, almost all of them share one thing in common:

They went to American schools.

And those schools, with only a few notable exceptions, talked down and continue to talk down the United States of America. …

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