Homicide spike hits most of America’s largest cities

Homicide spike hits most of America’s largest cities

[Ed. – Gee whiz, imagine that.  Note: if you were expecting to see Baltimore in the list, the reason it’s not there is that its more than 180 homicides to date in 2020 aren’t a spike over 2019.  They’re just a whole lot of homicides; the city is on track for another year with more than 300.]

A sharp rise in homicides this year is hitting large U.S. cities across the country, signaling a new public-safety risk unleashed during the coronavirus pandemic, and amid recession and a national backlash against police tactics.

The murder rate is still low compared with previous decades, and other types of serious crime have dropped in the past few months. But researchers, police and some residents fear the homicide spike, if not tamed, could threaten an urban renaissance spurred in part by more than two decades of declining crime.

A Wall Street Journal analysis of crime statistics among the nation’s 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, to 3,612. Shootings and gun violence also rose, even though many other violent crimes such as robbery fell.

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