Recent document releases confirm Trump was the target of Obama admin’s Spygate op

Recent document releases confirm Trump was the target of Obama admin’s Spygate op
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[Ed. – Yes, we’ve all known that for years. Regulars will remember we’ve been saying it here since 2017.  But McCarthy shows how some procedural insights into how the DOJ and FBI work confirm it quite clearly.  Even just on their own merits, without other features of Spygate factored in, the conclusion must be drawn from these data points that Trump himself was the target.  I’d add that what the FBI did wasn’t an investigation.  It was an operation: intended not to pursue known activity but to stimulate activity that didn’t exist.]

If the Bureau’s contacts with Trump officials were not covertly recorded (as they were, for example, when informants interacted with Papadopoulos), agents would generate written reports about them, the kind of reports the FBI routinely writes when building a criminal case.

[I]n connection with the August 17 “briefing” … Pientka’s significantly redacted seven-page memo is worth reading. The point of it is not the national-security information provided to the candidate; that is just context for the Bureau’s documenting of statements made by Trump in response. …

They had nothing, but the agents were exploiting the U.S. political process to try to turn nothing into a federal case. …

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Just as we’ve seen in the Flynn investigation, Pientka’s official FBI report is marked in bold capital letters: “DRAFT DOCUMENT/DELIBERATIVE MATERIAL.” Why deliberate over a draft when the purpose is to document a suspect’s statements? After all, he said whatever he said; there shouldn’t be a need to edit it. Drafts and deliberations are necessary only if a report is being massaged to fit the perceived needs of the investigation. Observe that, although the briefing was August 17, the memo is dated August 30. Nearly two weeks later, and it’s still in the form of a deliberative draft, meaning they’re not done yet.

This is not materially different from the Obama administration’s plan on January 6, 2017.

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