Blindingly obvious: Portland ‘protesters’ CHOOSE to protest at federal courthouse

Blindingly obvious: Portland ‘protesters’ CHOOSE to protest at federal courthouse
The federal courthouse in Portland being set on fire by Antifa/black bloc rioters. Via Twitter/Andy Ngo

[Ed. – A good way of expressing it. I’ve been trying to say the same thing, but not in this simple yet effective way.  The follow-on point is obvious too: agitating at the courthouse is a way of forcing the feds to defend the courthouse.  It’s the feds’ job to defend the courthouse, which belongs to the American people.  The one thing I’d add: the “protesters” have also CHOSEN to protest by attacking the courthouse.   They did that repeatedly before the DHS-led contingent of feds arrived 1-2 July.  The feds deployed the additional forces because the “protesters” were already attacking the courthouse night after night. The “protests” turned into riots every night for 35 nights before the additional feds got there.]

When it comes to the riots in Portland, there’s an obvious fact that the media are overlooking: the protesters don’t have to be protesting where they are — in front of the Federal Building.

There are no restrictions in Portland on locations of protests.  They can go anywhere in the city to protest.  There are plenty of parks — over 10,000 acres of them.  There are plenty of other city blocks.  There are 145.09 square miles in Portland.  The Federal Courthouse is on one block.

And there’s the obvious point overlooked: the protesters are choosing to be there.  This means that in this situation, they are the aggressors, not the feds. …

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The feds are there because, by law, the feds can, do, and need to protect federal buildings that come under attack.

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