Trump is the election crisis he is warning about

Trump is the election crisis he is warning about

[Ed. – Yada yada yada. Any of this would cut ice if the Left hadn’t been repeating it as their mantra over the entire first term of Trump’s presidency. Their grievance this time is over his very sensible recommendation that the election be postponed at least until cooler heads can discuss the alternatives to opening the polls and voting exclusively by mail.]

On Thursday morning, minutes after the worst U.S. economic data in seventy years were released and barely two hours before an American hero who risked his life for the right to vote was laid to rest, the President of the United States proposed delaying this fall’s election. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and widespread remote voting, Donald Trump said that it would be the most “INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history.” Why shouldn’t the U.S. “Delay the Election,” he asked, “until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

It was not the first time that the President has raised this particular canard — and a canard it is, a radical move that is not within his power to make happen — but it was by far his most inflammatory, destabilizing, and provocative attempt yet to call into question the legitimacy of the November election. …

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