Democratic platform for 2020 calls for ‘structural reform’ to federal judiciary

Democratic platform for 2020 calls for ‘structural reform’ to federal judiciary
Gravitas...from the left. (Image: Screen grab of vaperon video, YouTube)

[Ed. – That would be “court-packing,” to use the street term.  It’s what FDR tried to do in the 1930s: among other things, expand the Supreme Court bench to 15 justices, the extra six of which he, of course, would be the one to appoint.  The Democrats want to undo what Trump and the Senate have achieved so far, staying wholly within existing law, by changing the makeup of the court system.]

[W]ith help from the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, Trump’s new picks have been on the younger and more conservative side of things. This had led the Democratic Party, which has been filling up the federal bench with activist judges for decades, to have a complete meltdown. Like children who only want to play a game so long as they’re winning, Trump’s windfall of judicial appointments has Democrats now calling for “structural court reforms,” E.g. court packing, in the party’s new platform.

The New York Times reports that far-left activists have succeeded in adding a plank to the forthcoming platform that calls for unspecified “structural” reforms of the federal judiciary. According to the Times, backers of the new plank say “the broad statement represents a significant advance toward beginning a conversation among Democrats about how to respond to the substantial imprint that President Trump and his conservative allies have made on the federal bench.”

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