Corporate-approved BLM gestures are divisive and clueless

Corporate-approved BLM gestures are divisive and clueless
Sam Coonrod (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Another aspect of this whole charade that should infuriate, not placate, blacks,]

You can’t spell BLM without MLB, and so it makes perfect sense that Major League Baseball returned Thursday evening on its knee, placating the Black Lives Matter mob with headpats, bellyrubs, butter biscuits and other pet treats.

The Yankees and Nationals took batting practice in BLM T-shirts. They kneeled and bowed their heads before the national anthem. …

I found the whole thing sad, embarrassing and patronizing. It crystalizes America’s pervasive lack of substance. Imagine Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey signing Jackie Robinson to be a mascot rather than second baseman.

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That’s what BLM is at this point. Corporate America’s lovable mascot, a decorative symbol to be bought and plastered on a field to ward off accusations of systemic racism. When fans return to the ballpark, commemorative “I’m Not Racist” T-shirts, ball caps and jerseys will be available to the public for just $29.99.

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