America isn’t a racist country

America isn’t a racist country
Ward Connerly (Image: Wikipedia)

[Ed. – Efforts to paint it that way are mythical, and the painters, which includes imbeciles like this, know it.]

First, let us acknowledge that there is pressure, spoken and silent, to accept without challenge the view that U.S. is a nation boiling in the juices of “systemic racism.” The response should be a bold and spirited defense of our nation’s progress as we have addressed the topic of race.

When certain Americans were denied the right to vote based on the color of their skin, that was systemic racism. When small children and college students had to be ushered to school by the National Guard, past defenders of state laws and policies that sought to maintain racial segregation, that was systemic racism. When black and white Americans were forbidden to marry, that was systemic racism—and a gross infringement on individual liberty.

Our history is the best proof that America is not a racist nation.


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