Even liberals are shredding ‘white fragility’ as moronic

Even liberals are shredding ‘white fragility’ as moronic

[Ed. – Liberals have become master of nonsensical memes and nomenclature.]

If there is one non-conservative writer who you should read right now, it’s Matt Taibbi. The Rolling Stone editor has been a surgeon in dissecting the Left’s uncontrollable descent into insanity. Even if you disagree with most of his work, which I’m sure you will, his analysis of the Left’s “woke” awakening is spot on and devastating. Taibbi torched these clowns for their historically illiterate and unhinged tantrum over Independence Day. Now, he’s going off on the institutional Left’s latest craze: fawning over Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility,” a cacophony of intersectionality nonsense that appears to have driven Taibbi crazy just reading it.

It’s everything you’d expect to hear if you were forced to sit in some lecture about race quarterbacked by a “woke” lefty. You’d learn nothing about how to solve America’s race issues, only that racism can never be eradicated. …

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