Activists sue Trump admin to report number of illegals in U.S. in Census documentation

Activists sue Trump admin to report number of illegals in U.S. in Census documentation

[Ed. – They fell into the trap.  Their big advantage for 50 years has been “not knowing” how many in the country are illegal.  The federal Census can figure that out, and now the Trump threat of not counting the illegals for congressional apportionment has the activists suing to make the federal government essentially give that figure for every state in the Union.  The courts can order that everyone be counted for apportionment (might or might not hold up), but no order could stand that the executive may not seek to establish citizenship of everyone counted.  Absolutely no basis for that in the Constitution.  Citizenship is not privacy-protected information; it’s precisely within the purview of the federal executive to possess knowledge of.]

Civil liberties groups and a coalition of states, cities and counties filed lawsuits Friday challenging President Trump’s new policy to discount illegal immigrants when the census reports the population for purposes of apportioning congressional districts next year.

The challengers said Mr. Trump is blatantly violating the Constitution by refusing to report the actual count of all people residing in the country, regardless of legal status.

Mr. Trump earlier this week signed a directive telling the Commerce Department that though everyone will be counted, it must try to figure out who among them is not here legally, then slice them out of the official count used to decide how to allocate the 435 seats in Congress among the states.

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