Science: Eating chocolate ‘wards off heart disease’

Science: Eating chocolate ‘wards off heart disease’

[Ed. – Yes, yes, we’ve heard this before.  But we need to continue testing the proposition.  I keep waiting for the local study-mavens to solicit participants in an “eating chocolate” study, as opposed to those tiresome calls by big-name clinics for people ages 25 to 60 with laundry lists of diseases I don’t have.  Note the seemingly unique study method in this one (emphasis added).]

Chocoholics will undoubtedly be pleased to hear indulging in their favourite treat more than once a week could ward off heart disease.

Enjoying the indulgence in moderation has previously been linked to reduced blood pressure, however, scientists from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston wanted to better understand how it affects the vessels feeding the heart.

More than 333,000 people were followed for around nine years, with their chocolate consumption noted.

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Those who indulged more than once a week were 8% less likely to develop coronary artery disease …

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