Elizabeth Warren ‘increasingly visible’ in shaping Biden’s policy platform

Elizabeth Warren ‘increasingly visible’ in shaping Biden’s policy platform
Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren

[Ed. – Biden has vowed to find himself a “woman of color” to run as V.P., but that isn’t stopping speculation about Warren.]

As Joe Biden rolls out new policy details and speeches around his major campaign platforms, the hand of one primary-rival-turned-VP-contender is increasingly visible: Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Why it matters: If Biden wins in November, it’s clear that Warren will significantly shape his approach — on domestic policy in particular — whether or not her name’s on the ticket.

  • Her influence helps explain why Warren is still seen as a strong potential pick in a year when being 71 and white probably works against her.
  • Biden is expected to announce his running mate in early August from an all-female shortlist of candidates.

Driving the news: The climate plan Biden touted in a speech this week includes an expedited target date for 100% clean electricity on a timetable favored by Warren and another former contender, Jay Inslee, as Reuters noted.

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