FAA document trove: Mystery drones over Great Plains still a mystery; seemingly not military

FAA document trove: Mystery drones over Great Plains still a mystery; seemingly not military
Drone footage aired in local news coverage of mystery drones in Colorado, Nebraska. ABC 7 Denver video

[Ed. – An interesting read, analyzing responsive material from a FOIA request about these incidents (which seem to have ended by mid-January, after the media reporting on them cranked up to high warble).  NORAD and the Air Force disclaimed knowledge, and internal documents seemed to indicate they genuinely didn’t know who it was.  That’s not really surprising, considering the drones were recorded in virtually all cases as flying at altitudes of 200 to 300 feet above ground.  Bottom line: the public still can’t discern who was behind it, and it’s not really clear yet how much the FAA knows.  There’s still unreleased documentation.]

As covered in previous reports by The War Zone, law enforcement agencies in numerous rural counties in eastern Colorado and adjacent areas of Nebraska and Kansas received an influx of reports of large drones flying in formations at night for a period of several weeks during December 2019 and early January 2020. …

Now, The War Zone can offer an unprecedented inside look at what was going on behind the scenes within the FAA, which was leading a task force to solve the drone mystery. Not only is the confusion within the agency made clear, but we now have multiple highly credible official reports from trained observers from the timeframe when the objects were present in the region. …

[T]he documents already released suggest that the FAA, despite a short-lived, but strenuous effort, was unable to determine the origin of the flying formations of sizable aerial devices reported by many credible witnesses in December and January. Senior FAA officials were able, however, to conclude that “there is high confidence these are not covert military activities.”

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