NBC News: Goya CEO doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘Latino’

NBC News: Goya CEO doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘Latino’

[Ed. – Similar to ‘Uncle Tom.’]

One of the hallmarks of the traditional definition of racism is the idea that a person’s skin color or racial background confers upon them either special rights or special responsibilities. In a deeply troubling opinion column at NBC News, Julio Ricardo Varela accuses Goya CEO Bob Unanue of supporting President Trump and Republicans in general as an attempt to gain “white acceptance.”

In an article about the Goya CEO’s praise for Donald Trump, Varela writes, “Well, as a long-time supporter of Republican candidates, Unanue has had no problem shunning his grandfather’s Puerto Rican migrant roots by playing up his family’s Spanish and European ones — as though the quest for white acceptance is something noble to achieve in these times.”

… Valera who has apparently appointed himself the Commissioner of the Who Is Hispanic Police won’t even call Unanue a Latino, preferring instead “Spanish American.”

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