Why has Biden hired 600 lawyers?

Why has Biden hired 600 lawyers?

[Ed. – As for the title question, maybe Biden’s is readying to fend off all the allegations sure to come out about his nepotism, wheeling and dealing, and outright exploitation of his elected office.]

During a recent fundraiser, former Vice President Joe Biden announced that his campaign had recruited an army of 600 attorneys to prepare for expected legal battles pursuant to the upcoming election. Biden says he needs all these lawyers to fend off “voter suppression,” which he defines as any opposition by the Trump campaign to Democratic calls for a dramatic expansion of mail-in voting. The president believes that such a precipitous change in our electoral process will create chaos and encourage election fraud. He’s right. “Experts” insist that fraud is rare. In fact, it is quite common, and mail-in voting exacerbates the problem.

The Heritage Foundation maintains an election fraud database that documents 1,285 proven cases of voter fraud, many of which involve mail-in ballots in swing states that will decide the 2020 election.

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