If Trump wants to win, he has to be more disciplined

If Trump wants to win, he has to be more disciplined
Image: Public domain; LU Staff

[Ed. – Words the president would be wise to heed.]

President Trump is a gift that keeps on giving, but not always in a way that improves his prospects for winning a second term. On the contrary, he often insists on helping his political opponents and the press cling to the anti-Trump narrative they cherish. … He specializes in following success by taking up a small issue that can do him no political good and, more often than not, is harmful.

We saw this after the best weekend, politically speaking, of his presidency. The president’s stirring speech at Mount Rushmore was a triumph that upset the political equation that established his reelection as nearly impossible. …

After that, Trump could have rested on his laurels for days while conservative journalists took apart the liberal media. …

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[Instead] the old Trump reappeared … [and] tweeted about the need for race car driver Bubba Wallace to apologize. …

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