Why young people are demanding America rethink its past

Why young people are demanding America rethink its past
Image: Fox46 Charlotte via Fox News

[Ed. – You mean it’s not because they’re young and impressionable and don’t know any better than to drink the Kool-Aid served up to them in their college classrooms?]

Long-term polling by Gallup shows a slow and steady decline in American national pride and confidence in our institutions that predates the COVID-19 crisis. But as Catherine Rampell notes in the Washington Post, the slide has accelerated in the last several months.

Recent crises — involving health, the economy and police brutality — seem to have caused more Americans to question their country’s track record.

On nearly every metric, the share of Americans rating the United States as “better” than other countries has declined since the pandemic began.

… Rampell is correct when she writes, “Normally, of course, reduced patriotism or institutional trust would not be positive developments. These declines can be constructive only if they spur the public — and elected officials — to create conditions that would inspire more patriotism and trust.”

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