It’s time for Republicans to stand up for America already

It’s time for Republicans to stand up for America already
Pixabay; LU Staff

[Ed. – Where are America’s patriots while this wholesale destruction is being permitted to play out?]

The United States of America is starting to resemble a Target in Minneapolis, overrun by lawless mobs and left for dead by the very leaders charged with upholding the rule of law.

Yes, those civilians choosing to loot businesses, paint “Kill Cops” on billboards, destroy property, and promote violence are being propped up by the very politicians — Democrat or Republican, take your pick — you’ve elected. But it goes deeper than that.

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The very people you have sent to Washington, D.C. to make laws, uphold them, conduct oversight, and ensure America remains a safe and prosperous nation have cowered to the mob.

Politicians have allowed the community of CHAZ in Seattle, run by a self-proclaimed “warlord,” and BHAZ in downtown Washington (feet from the White House) to take over chunks of sovereign cities.

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